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FMT LETTER, From Malaysian Indian

Once again, a handful of irresponsible politicians brought disrepute to the Indian community in Malaysia by their barbaric behaviour at the protest organised by PKR at the JPN headquarters in Putrajaya on Wednesday.

Apparently, what was supposed to be a protest for the plight of the so-called 300,000 stateless Indians in Malaysia, turned rowdy with vulgarity chants and abuses against the government and the leaders by over 400 Pakatan supporters, who were bused in to Putrajaya to make up the numbers.

Some taunted the police and tried to provoke them but the law enforcers did not react and behaved professionally. According to people in the crowd, expectation was high that the police would set up barricades that will prevent them from nearing the JPN building, which will give them the opportunity to barge in to create chaos, like they did at Dataran Merdeka during Bersih 3.0.

But, little did they know that there were no such barricades and the police was in total control of the situation.

Chua Jui Meng, the PKR vice president present there, claimed he was manhandled by MIC members which is a pure fiction, made up by Chua and his comrades to seek attention since nothing could go wrong against the authorities there.

In reality, it was Chua who grabbed a questioner by the collar and attempted to strangle him after being continuously questioned what he has done for the Indians when he was a minister in Barisan Nasional?

Some PKR supporters carried posters showing Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s picture superimposed onto a red IC, and were shouting abuses and tore the picture of Najib, again resembling a barbaric act that many Malaysians are not used to.

Said a bystander after the crowd had fizzled out by early afternoon: “It’s okay to protest if the cause is genuine, but we must not resort to unacceptable behaviour. This sort of crude and rude behaviour is not part of our Malaysian culture!”

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