Raven carries on dad’s legacy


DETERMINED TO WIN: K. Raven Kumar is running for the Tenggaroh state seat which his late father, Datuk S. Krishnasamy, held for three terms

MERSING: K. RAVEN Kumar is determined to carry on the legacy of his late father, Datuk S. Krishnasamy, who held the Tenggaroh state seat for three terms until his untimely death in 2008.The youngest of four siblings, Raven, 31, said he was probably the closest to his father as he used to follow him to work, and sometimes to campaigns, despite being only 15 at the time.

“My father always said that once you are elected, your time belongs to the people and you have to always be available to them,” said Raven, who is deputy chief of the state Putera MIC. “My siblings and I are graduates because he insisted that education is one of the most important things in life. He left a huge impact here. People refer to me as Samy’s son. I hope I can live up to his reputation and achieve even more than my father during his tenure as state assemblyman.”

Krishnasamy, who was also Johor MIC deputy head, was shot dead at point blank range at the state MIC headquarters in Jalan Segget. Raven said being one of the youngest BN candidates meant that he had to work a lot harder. “Being a member of BN gives me the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of experienced leaders. I am happy and thankful to be given this opportunity,” he said.

Raven said his father, and S. Murukasvary who had served as the Tenggaroh state assemblyman after Krishnasamy’s death, had left big shoes for him to fill and he was determined to do a good job. “Despite being a Malay majority area, MIC candidates who have been representing the people of Tenggaroh have continued to receive the support of the locals, which is clear from the their repeated victories,” he said.

“Education issues are something that I am very passionate about and have been my forte so far. “If I win, I will have a much bigger responsibility and I will do my best to get to know the locals and understand their needs.” Murukasvary said she welcomed Raven’s role in defending the state seat that she helmed for one term.

Murukasvary said she had informed BN branch and division heads, as well as local leaders including village heads on BN’s decision to field Raven in Tenggaroh. “I have thanked them for their support and asked them to extend their help to the newcomer as well,” she said.

Tenggaroh has 25,499 voters — 20,973 Malays, 3,429 Chinese and 438 Indians.

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